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Edison Horn

It all started many years ago at an outdoor antique flea market. We were looking for nothing in particular when suddenly, off in the distance my wife and I spotted it. It, was a not so small, unassuming upright gramophone. I'm not sure why we were overcome with emotion and I can't quite describe the romance associated with the machine, but we couldn't leave without it. We ended up cramming it sideways into the back seat of our sub-compact car and brought it home. After a few weeks, the romance with our machine grew each time we played a record. This spilled into the music we listened to, and we started searching for music we could reminisce to, dance to, or learn from. The collection of records grew, as did the collection of machines for us to play them on. As with many collectors, we began selling a few machines to help offset the costs of the items we added to our collection. Then, a decision was made to begin making our passion of antique music history more than just a hobby, and Redcar Music Company was born.

Nodmende Othello We treat all the phonographs, gramophones, and radios we sell as though they were part of our permanent and personal collection. We are always sad to see one go, but we know it's going to a good home, where it will continue to be cherished.

We truly stand behind each item we sell. Everything listed here is in working order and has been lovingly restored by a collector of music history and machines. All restorations and repairs are done with the outmost respect for historical accuracy, and when we restore a tube radio, we use only new electronic components to ensure future years of enjoyment and play.

Enjoy our pre-loved collection!

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